Let’s Speak English

     Today is my second day for 3rd  semester. I must study hard to get good score. Before now, i never write my blog with english. But now i will try to write in english. So guys Check me if i wrong. Sorry for wrong grammar or something happen. So please all of you read my first english article. Today i’m late (again). I’dont know why i always oversleep.Today, i must come to class on 7.00 am. I need more less 40 minute to go to campus. But me..Today I woke up on 6.30 am. What the heaven !! God please give me some miracle. After that i go to bath room, clean my body, my teeth actually. Of course i’m late. I arrived at 7.15. But thanks god, i can sit on sociology communication class. Time after time. Now i’m hungry. I went to small shop and bought something to eat. After that i go back to campus.  After sociology communication class i must go to communication text class. In this class we must speak english. If we collide with our promise, we must pay Rp.1000,- . Not big but for us its very difficult. Because i can not speak speak english fluently. Honestly, i need electronic dictionary to write this article. Mrs.Dina is our lecture today. She is very beautiful with her batik (It’s from depper my heart). Okey.. Then..today in this class we must descripe our special lecture (something like that). And it work in pairs. My partner is Apfia. She can speak english very..very…well. I must study more with her. Hopefully i can speak english like Apfia.

     I write this article in my mother’s home. Hopefully Ms.Dina read my blog. Hopefully my friend read my article too. I love to be a commers, and i proud take communication text for this semester. I must study hard. And let’s speak english. (RYE)


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4 responses to “Let’s Speak English

  1. hahaha such a nice try jerry. just keep your hands moving. just perform! there will never be the second without the first 😉 you may also visit my blog http://fahmirantiw25.blogspot.com/ enjoy it!

  2. New ETS

    We applaud you for choosing this topic to be written. 🙂 There are some things that we would like to say to make this writing even better though.

    First, always write “I” with the upper case (capital letter). Wherever you put I, the rule applies.

    Second, whenever you talk about the time, it’s always with “at” and not “on”.

    Third, when you want to thank God, please do it formally as God is not your buddy. So, it’s either “Thank God” or Thank you, God”.

    Keep writing in English but don’t forget your Indonesian. Good luck! 🙂

  3. Thanks for Fahmiranti W and for my lovely course New ETS…It will be nice if i can study from you all… Warm regards from me =)

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