Dreams To Work In Professional Media

     Actually i never work in professional media. But, after i came to seminar Buka Mata, Mari Bekerja di Media, in Airlangga University 9th of October 2012 it open my mind, In the future, i must work in professional media. Organized by Serikat Perusahaan Pers and Telkomsel, the speaker (Mr.Toriq Hadad) gave me a new mind if the media is an essential commodity. You can go to many place if you can work in media, you can meet famous person, you can write with your idealism and the must important is you can share some information to the audience. Mr.Toriq Hadad is business director of Tempo Media Group. He explained how Tempo banned 2 times on “orde baru” period (1982 and 1994). More deeply, he said if Tempo with their group can survive until now because the article’s containing impartiality,objectivity, and with unique angle.

     One time i ask him (Mr.Toriq). How to start we work in media. He said, with write..write..and write.. So guys, if you want to work in media, you must try more harder. I suggest you can start with write in your own blog. Actually i must try more harder too. And in the future in can be professional journalist. Amen(RYE)

Check Me If my grammar is wrong. I Only try to write article in english

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