Nice Weekdays for Nice Weekend

      I’m very happy today. With beautiful smile, i’m writing this blog. Hopefully you can enjoy my article. First story, On 17th Oktober 2012, my mom celebrate her birthday. But unfortunately she celebrated her birthday on Madura. So, i must went to Madura if i want celebrated my mother’s birthday party. In the fact,i have to face two choices. First, i must came to Theory Communication class and second spend my wednesday on Madura. I dont know, but i choose go to Madura. 3 hours with motorcycle i can arrived on Pamekasan,Madura. Short story, my mother looked surprised when i came to Pamekasan. And then i gave my present to her. Thank you God, i’m trying to be “Good Boy”.

      Second story. Today I went through the process of baptism. I enjoyed my weekend. Thank you for my Lord,Jesus. I surrender and give my heart,my body, my soul to you… I love you God, I love you Mom. Give the best for you all.(RYE) =)

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October 21, 2012 · 11:52 pm

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