Study In Pare. Part 1

Yesterday, (24 January 2013) i came to Pare, Kediri. I will study english in here for one month. Actually i came with my friend, Kristian Hadinata, “The handsome man” (he said) from Accounting Major, Airlangga University. It’s my first time to study out of Surabaya. We hope God bless us in here.

I will study in ELFAST ( English Language as Foreign Application Standart). There is on Jl.Kemuning Tulungrejo, Pare-Kediri. There is many course in Pare. But i take ELFAST because it’s the oldest one course in Pare. Guys, i suggest you to study English in Pare,Kediri. Why ? because in Pare you will find a lot of people (from Yogyakarta,Jakarta,Sulawesi, and many more) have a same dream to know English. We can share, speak, and study together about English. In here we must speak English. It’s challange to us.. So guys, follow my blog to know about Kampung Inggris (English Village) Pare,Kediri. I hope there is so many interesting things in here.

So my friend in Surabaya, give me permission to absent for this month until February. Good luck for you guys. And enjoy yor day.(RYE) 

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