Study In Pare. Part 2

I am still in Pare. You know, I will study English in here for one month.  Pare, Kediri.  A wonderful place. I love this city. Yesterday, I saw my friend, Febry engaged. Congratulations sist ! hahaha… unbelievable 🙂 Thank you to Kopler, Grady , Tatit and Adit for visited my home stay in Pare. Tian, my friend went to Surabaya on Friday.

Today, I went to Bethel Indonesia Church on the Slamet Street. I saw the old man with his spirit praise the lord. Saw many children went to Sunday school. Wrote some e-mail to someone for some interview. I love A simplicity of Pare. But I think, I don’t like the traffic in Pare. Motorcycles become king of the road. Very fast and so dangerous. I don’t like it. 3 weeks letter I will back to Surabaya. See my family, my friends, my church and my habit in Surabaya. I miss to play basketball with my friends..( I am writing this blog on Ratu-Net Pare,Kediri ).


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2 responses to “Study In Pare. Part 2

  1. Wow….reading your essay, i see that you must be very enjoy and having something awesome…..
    there are many interesting and nice place you must visit, but sorry i couldn’t mention the name,,,.ehm,,i just remember simpang lima, gunung klotok, gereja ……i forgot it.
    Have a great journey & enjoy your english course there……Then, i’ll ask you for teaching me some Engllish,,._.

    • You are welcome Ms Aish. Pare is wonderful place to study english. I suggest you to study English in Pare. Not simpang lima i think. But simpang gumul 🙂 hehehehe… actualy i never come to Simpang Gumul. there is two hours with bicycle 🙂 Good luck. Thank you for comming

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